Finally, employers are starting to charge Unvaxxed like smokers

Enjoy your freedom, anti-vaxxers, and know that freedom comes at a price.

In this case higher prices for health insurance. Just like smokers.

Ochsner Health of Louisana requires their employees to be vaccinated or have a documented health clearance that requires weekly testing. Same as Biden’s mandate for big business. Now, the company’s health insurance plan for spouses and domestic partners charges an additional fee if that partner is not vaccinated.

It’s a matter of passing on the enormous costs of IC treatment to the customer. “The compensation is comparable to that for tobacco users and is in line with benefits offered by other healthcare organizations and companies,” Ochsner’s president and CEO Warner Thomas said in a statement this week.

Thomas noted that “the reality is that the cost of treating COVID-19, particularly for patients requiring intensive inpatient care, is expensive, and we spent more than $9 million on COVID-19 care in the past year.” those covered by our health plans. “

The vaccine is free. And if you don’t get it, it costs you.

But as some people say, freedom is not free.

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